The positive effect of EOS on a 20 year old business – HSD

HSD has over 20 years of experience in delivering high quality technology solutions that help clients, stakeholders and users improve their business and operations.

With the assistance of implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), HSD launched a new product to the market in partnership with Microsoft, the Dynamic 365 Case Management Accelerator (DCMA). It leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to improve the timeliness, transparency and effectiveness of your internal processes. In as little as 8 weeks DCMA can take standard procedures and develop them into workflows, enabling customers to meet operational and legislative requirements. DCMA improves oversight through real-time dashboards allowing quick responses to bottlenecks and provide accurate data to executives.

In this episode, Narendra Tomar discusses DCMA, why HSD implemented EOS and what have been the effects.

‘All of us know what we have to do….. we are getting permanent positive change week after week.”

Narendra Tomar – CEO HSD

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