Taking on the role of visionary – EOS Worldwide

EOS Worldwide recently selected a new visionary to lead the company into an exciting future. Mark O’Donnell is that person.

In this episode we hear from Mark about his experiences as an engineer and starting a number of companies on his entrepreneurial journey. We hear from Mark about what he learned along the way and how that led him to his current role. As he transitioned into EOS Worldwide he reflects on what drove him in the past, what drives him now as he leads EOS Worldwide in partnership with his great integrator and how he sees the work of moving the business forward as a collaborative effort, drawing on the strengths of others.


“If I’m hiring an integrator and, ‘well you just tell me what to do and I’ll go and do it’, then it’s not going to work. You got to be a thinking partner on an equal playing field.” 

Mark O’Donnell – Visionary, EOS Worldwide

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