Starting the EOS journey with purpose – LearnMate

LearnMate is one of Australia’s leading tutoring agencies. It offers in-person and online tutoring lessons in all primary school and high school subjects.

Founded by Dmitri Dalla-Riva LearnMate empowers students all over Australia to achieve amazing results and make their dreams come true. LearnMate provides professional, engaging and enthusiastic primary school and high school tutors.

In this episode, Dmitri discusses the challenges of going from a start-up to growing at scale in five years. He identifies the challenges of responding to COVID-19 and how he successfully flipped the business from face to face activities to online without alienating its customers. As LearnMate implements Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), Dmitri explains his capacity to continually learn to improve the business and himself.

“Then kept thinking what’s the next stage…how can I make more of an impact?”

Dmitri Dalla Riva – Founder, LearnMate

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