Scaling a business to buy out – Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS)

Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS) specialises in providing a compliance service to real estate agents and property managers. It has been operating for more than 10 years across Australia and New Zealand.

Daniel Kramarzewski joined the business in its formative years. He helped build the business with the founder. He developed a deep understand of what it takes to continually search for excellence.  When the business was bought by PieLAB Capital, Daniel was appointed CEO.

In this episode Daniel talks about his experiences of being in a business from its beginning through to its purchase. He describes how he and the team navigated the buyout. Daniel also discusses what he thinks it takes for leaders to be and do their best for the people they lead. He provides his view about what it takes to build a great business, including the introduction of EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System.




“Every time we doubled our revenue, you couldn’t just keep adding more an more people and identical infrastructure. You need to stop, pull it apart and put it back together.”

Daniel Karmarzewski – CEO Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS)

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