Making a habit switch to reach your goals – Romney Nelson

Setting 90-day goals will set your business free. It brings clarity and purpose to team effort in reaching the goals of the business. However, it can be hard to break those goals down into daily tasks.

In this episode, best-selling author of the ‘Habit Switch’, Romney Nelson, discusses why people find it difficult to develop good daily habits. He explains what people can do to overcome the challenges of implementing new habits.

Romney discusses a resource available for you to use – ‘The 90 Day Business Goal Tracker’. It helps you break down your 90-day goals into daily actionable tasks. It can be used both as a planner and reflective journal. This combination helps identify what is working well and what is stopping you from reaching your goals. Romney co-authored ‘The 90 Business Goal Tracker’ with me, a MIT Graduate and Certified EOS Implementer.


“It will revolutionise the way you set your business goals.”

Romney Nelson – The Life Graduate Publishing Group

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