How to maximise your value in a vendor relationship – Partner Elevate

Desmond Russell is an experienced business leader. He has built businesses, been part of successful companies and worked for large enterprises such as Microsoft. Along the way Des has been able to gather an incredible amount of knowledge and how businesses, particularly those in vendor relationships, are missing opportunities by not organising themselves in a way to make themselves more attractive to their customers and their vendors.

In this episode Des describes the journey to Partner Elevate. The first step was creating a program within Microsoft to roll out EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) into partner businesses in Australia. Following the deployment of EOS into the Microsoft partner community Des saw an opportunity to support businesses further by unpacking what it takes to develop a more valuable vendor partnership. This has resulted in the establishment of Partner Elevate in which he has identified the three attributes of what makes a business a valued partner to a vendor.

Des also describes the difference he sees in the businesses running on EOS as opposed to those that don’t and how businesses can address problems such as qualified lead generation, managing current customers and how to remain focussed on outcomes.


“It is execution that delivers results.”

Des Russell – Partner Elevate

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