How structure helped beat a crisis – AV24/7

As one of Australia’s leading audio visual and production companies, AV 24/7 has built up almost 20 years’ of experience to deliver spectacular events for clients across various industries. Becoming the go-to company for creative solutions.

With creativity, technical excellence and industry-leading knowledge AV 24/7 take care of every aspect of events. AV 24/7’s belief that ‘Anything is possible’, is being tested during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are meeting that challenge head on and developed new products to deliver amazing experiences for their customers.

In this episode, General Manager Libbie Ray describes how AV24/7 are navigating through a crisis and altering their offerings to meet market needs.

“We were never go going to give up. We were never going to stop.”

Libbie Ray – General Manager, AV 24/7

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