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Dane Meah’s first business adventure was at aged 18 where he developed and sold digital information products from his home, via online stores. This experience gave Dane a taste for business and pursued a career in sales.

After several years in the recruitment and pharmaceutical sectors, Dane relocated to Australia and entered the cybersecurity industry with an early cloud provider called MessageLabs.

In 2014, Dane identified a gap in the market in the way organisations were addressing security management and co-founded InfoTrust. InfoTrust are a specialised cybersecurity practice, that supports their clients to become secure and more productive. InfoTrust has evolved to develop deep expertise that combines internally developed products, professional services, managed
services and third party technologies, across a range of cybersecurity domains.

In this episode Dane discusses the evolution of InfoTrust and the impact of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) has had on the business. Having graduated from his EOS implementer, the business continues to grow. He now has the opportunity to explore other opportunities and to live his ‘EOS Life’.


“We have taken InfoTrust to a scale that has huge potential to continue to grow.”

Dane Meah – InfoTrust

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