In a hurry? Get more done by slowing down.

If you were to make a list of everything you want to complete this week, it would likely be even longer than you’d anticipate. The cold, hard fact is that life can be one busy ride and to get more done, you’re inclined to rush things.

And when you’re always in a hurry, you probably give up on striving for a calmer, more satisfying result.

I remember a long time ago I was taught the concept of – ‘slow is smooth, smooth is fast.’

So, with that why not consider these tips to get more out of life by taking it down a few notches:

1.    Resolve to slow down. Step one is consciously stating to yourself that you’ll slow down, beginning right now. Keep the idea of slowing down in the forefront of your mind. Accept the fact that more isn’t necessarily better.

2.    Reflect on the times when you feel the most rushed. Is it in the mornings when you’re getting ready for work or preparing dinner in the evening? Maybe you’re going at high speed when you’re trying to get the kids out the door to school.

  • Be aware of when you find yourself feeling the most need to move quickly so you can brainstorm methods to slow down at those times.

3.    Notice if certain people or things going on around you compel you to hurry. Trying to get to the bottom of why you’re rushing will help you figure out how to slow things down. For example, if certain people are frequently telling you to “hurry up,” find time to talk with them about the situation.

4.    Make adjustments in your schedule. For example, if morning is the time you feel the most hurried, set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to allow more time. Take advantage of the power you have by doing something as simple as getting up earlier.

5.    Examine your overall schedule. Are you consistently in a rush because your schedule is crammed? Are you trying to do too much in a day? Look over your daily schedule with a critical eye.

  •  What can you omit from your schedule today? You’ll be relieved after you make some adjustments.

6.    Remember that you can be a lot more efficient, happier, and calmer by slowing down your pace.

  • Give yourself permission to let something go or rearrange your schedule to have down time.
  • When you slow down, you can better focus on each of the activities you do choose to do.

You’ll find them more rewarding and invigorating when you don’t have to rush from one activity to the next.

Slowing down will bring a new vitality and purpose to your work and life.

As I often tell the businesses I work with when implementing EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System®) that ‘less is more’. Focus on the things that really matter, get them done and don’t try to do everything – remember slow is smooth, smooth is fast…… 

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