Growing a construction company quickly and with scalability


C1 Building Solutions deliver innovative waterproofing and building solutions to residential and commercial properties. C1 Building Solutions has a combined 40+ years of construction industry experience. They have expertise across all aspects of waterproofing. The business provides a service level that goes beyond just mere compliance. C1 Building Solutions delivers high quality waterproofing on every project they complete.

The challenge

C1 Building Solutions is a family business and was looking to better clarify and deliver a business plan that was in line with the growth they were experiencing. The leadership team wanted to improve the consistency of effort and ensure they had the right people in the right seats. C1 Building Solutions recognised that to successfully meet their plans for growth they would need clear business structures to capitalise on their growing opportunities.

‘We knew we had the pieces to build an even greater business than we had. The problem was how do we organise the business in a way that was simple and effective to both manage and deliver great outcomes for our customers.’

Josh Canning – Director, C1 Building Solutions

The solution

In discussion with Murray Smith from Grip 6, C1 Building Solutions wanted to:

  • Clarify and articulate how the business would grow
  • Make sure they had the right people in the right seats
  • Build a culture of high performance and support greater empowerment across the business

The result

In less than 12 months from working with Grip 6, C1 Building Solutions doubled its performance with the same amount of staff. Their growth continues to this day and their plans are clear about how this will continue. Additionally, their efforts have resulted in increasing its market share across the waterproofing industry and exploring new opportunities across the construction industry. Other results include:

  • Clear accountabilities and delivery metrics across the team
  • An improved culture based on well-defined and regularly communicated company values
  • A business cadence and focus on what matters

‘We are really satisfied in where we are at. What’s exciting is the new possibilities and opportunities that are now available to C1 Building Solutions because we have structure and clarity in what the future looks like.’

Josh Canning – Director, C1 Building Solutions