From seeking clarity and metrics to buy out

HSD (Hammond Street Developments) are problem solvers at heart. They automate business processes using modern Microsoft cloud-based technologies.

HSD specialise in regulation and education. They have over 25 years of experience in providing technology solutions across government and the private sector.

The challenge

HSD was growing fast. The leadership team wanted to create better clarity and accountability across the business. By doing this, HSD would deliver a higher value and consistent experience to their customers. They also wanted to drive performance ownership across the organisation, rather than just from the leadership team.

‘The growth we were experiencing created pockets within the business where the purpose and vision were blurred.’

Narendra Tomar – CEO HSD

The solution

HSD worked with Murray Smith from Grip 6 to:

  • Create a sense of shared purpose and focus that could be easily understood
  • Define and provide accountability and clarity
  • Put in place relevant performance metrics

The result

Shortly after 24 months of working with Murray Smith, he had passed on all the skills and capabilities of running a great business to the leadership team at HSD. This is the normal time frame that it takes for most leadership teams to develop their skills and is part of the process.

  • Implemented clear accountabilities and metrics
  • Everyone is on the same page and know how they contribute to the business
  • Operational challenges are identified earlier and addressed in a disciplined way
  • Meetings are more productive
  • The leadership team can focus on new products and markets as aren’t being dragged into daily operations

‘All of us know what we have to do….. we are getting permanent positive change week after week’

Narendra Tomar – CEO HSD

Further success note:

HSD was acquired by Atturra in which the structure, clarity and culture of the business, made HSD an attractive purchase.

Listen to Narendra talk more about HSD here