From plateauing business to global award winner


Founded in 2013, Yo Media is an Australian-based digital marketing company. Their core focus is solving business growth problems by delivering the most advanced lead generation strategies. This includes dynamic content marketing, search and social, funnels and web design.

The challenge

After plateauing for three years, Yo Media decided upon an aggressive growth plan. They wanted to dial in their target market and scale the business to new heights with focus, accountability and purpose. The challenge was how to scale in a sustainable way that brought new team members on into an environment where everybody was able to bring their best to the table, in a consistent manner.

‘I wasn’t working on the business to grow it strategically. I was making sure clients were happy and getting results. There was no time left over after finishing delivery.’

Nathan Harding, Founder and CEO, Yo Media

The solution

After discussing their needs with Murray Smith from Grip 6, Yo Media understood what they needed to do to prepare for working with him. Nathan and the team worked on the requirements and after 12 months were ready to implement:

  • A clear plan and tools to scale
  • Clear accountabilities and ownership for the team
  • Use a proven system to run the business rather than reinvent the wheel

The results

Yo Media fully embraced the performance program, using new tools and principles to the deliver an improved business by:

  • Their growth trajectory is sustainable
  • The team are empowered to make the decisions that are best for the company.
  • The CEO is spending most of his time growing the business rather than working in delivery.
  • Global Agency Awards Winner – Best Online Marketing Campaign Award and Best B2B Marketing Campaign

‘Here’s the infrastructure that is going to allow you to do your best thinking, capture that and get stuff done.’

Nathan Harding, CEO and Founder Yo Media

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