Australian business doubles its value in 12 months


Smoke Alarm Testing Services (SATS) began operations in 2008. SATS is an Australian based professional smoke alarm testing company that has extensive partnerships within the Real Estate Industry throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Approximately 2 years ago, SATS partnered with PieLAB Capital to grow the business further.

The Challenge

SATS leadership team wanted to scale the business and develop a higher level of revenue and profit. The leadership team were new, needed to learn new business skills and a simple and effective way to build the business while bringing the right people along for the journey.


‘EOS overall is a quite simple system, but it’s not easy.

Everyone on the leadership must commit to it 100%.’

Daniel Kramarzewski – CEO SATS


The Solution

After discussions with Murray Smith from Grip 6, SATS commence improving their business, starting with the leadership team. They were seeking to:

  • Build companywide alignment with their vision
  • Gain real traction against that vision
  • Create a healthy team and culture


The Results

In approximately 12 months from commencement:

  • Doubled the financial value of SATS
  • Have consistent revenue growth and increased profit margins
  • Servicing more properties across Australia and New Zealand than they ever have before
  • Developed a leadership team that has the conversations others fear to have for the betterment of the business
  • Increased staff retention by 50%
  • Make decisions faster and have more effective meetings
  • Consistently deliver on business priorities in line with long term targets

‘If I look at the business now, we are a much healthier organisation.’

Daniel Kramarzewski – CEO SATS

Visit the SATS website here

Visit the PieLAB website here

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